The ASSET program develops, tests, evaluates and disseminates a collection of self-contained biology teaching modules for use in high school, middle school, and elementary school classrooms, all built around a safe, easy to grow protozoan, Tetrahymena thermophila. Each module is designed to stimulate critical thinking and to foster a fundamental understanding of key biological concepts, using a hands-on, inquiry-based approach

We provide all the materials necessary to use the Science modules in the classroom, including maintaining an equipment lending library to ensure that all schools can benefit from our program.

The following Modules are available for use:

Elementary SchoolMiddle SchoolHigh SchoolScience & Society
ChemotaxisChemotaxisCannibalism & Interspecific PredationArgument Driven Inquiry in Science
Effects of Cigarette Smoke and AlcoholEffects of Cigarette Smoke and AlcoholChemotaxisEffect of Ecology on the History of New England
Microscopic Life Around UsEffects of VapingCilia: Growth & RegenerationSemmelweis Paradox
Microscope OrientationField ResearchNEW! 5E Lessons
Effect of Alcohol Smoking & Vaping -5E
Stirrup Conundrum
Personal Care ProductsGrowth and Population DynamicsEffects of Cigarette Smoke and Alcohol
PhagocytosisMicroscopic Life Around UsEffects of Vaping
Microscope OrientationExocytosis and Secretion
OsmolarityField Research
NEW! 5E Lessons
Growth & Population Dynamics
NEW! 5E Lessons
Microscopic Life Around Us
Microscope Orientation
Pattern Formation

See our glossary for the terms used in the modules